Theme and topics

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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Adaptive   Control

Game Theory

Analysis and Control of   Nonlinear Systems

Industrial Applications

Analysis, Control and   Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems

Intelligent Computational Systems

Autonomous systems

Intelligent Control Systems And Optimization

Autonomy in robotic systems

Learning and Estimation in Control

Biologically inspired system   modeling, control and simulation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in robotic   systems

Cloud computing for automation

Modeling, Estimation, and Control of Large Scale Systems

Computational Issues in   Nonlinear Control and Optimization

Networked and Embedded Controls

Control for Unmanned   Autonomous Vehicles

Nonlinear Estimation and Data Assimilation

Control of Biological Systems

Optimization in Control and Systems Theory

Control of Hybrid Systems

Process modeling, analysis, mining and optimization in   intelligent automation

Control of Networks

Quantum Control, Estimation, and Filtering

Control of Power Systems and   Smart Grid

Risk Sensitive Control

Control of Smart Material   Systems

Robotics and Control

Control Techniques for   Financial Mathematics

Robust Control

Cooperative Control

Semantic techniques in intelligent automation

Data driven modeling and   operational automation

Stochastic Control

Deep learning in Autonomous   systems

System Identification

Fluid Flow Control