Haili Garden Hotel( 海力花园酒店)

Add: No.557, Jingang Avenue, Nansha District, Guangzhou



Haili Garden Hotel is located in the heart of Guangzhou Nansha Special Economic Zone, with Huangshanlu Forest Park as a backdrop. The hotel features an outdoor pool, table tennis facilities and a fitness center. Free Wi-Fi and wired internet are available in all areas.

We will set up a registration table at the lobby on Feb.23, 2021.


Conference Room 


Transportation Guideline

How to get to Haili Garden Hotel from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CAN):

  •  By Bus(around 2h 54min; CNY 58)

1. Take the Airport Express Nansha Jiaomen Line bus, from BaiYun JiChang T1 B11 Gate to JiaoMen GongJiaoZongZhan

2. Walk 3 min to get to JiaoMen DiTie Zhan bus stop

3. Take the NanSha G4 Line bus to HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan

4. Walk 6 min, approx 400 meters from HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan to the Haili Garden Hotel


  • By subway Line 3&5&4& Bus G4(around 2h 8m, including 5 min transfer; CNY 16)

1. Take subway line 3 from Guangzhou Airport South Station to Tiyu Xilu Station; transfer another line 3 from Tiyu Xilu Station to Zhujiang New Town Station (46 min, Every 5 minutes)

2. Transfer the line 5 from Zhujiang New Town Station to Chebeinan Station (14 min, Every 5 minutes)

3. Transfer the line 4 from Chebeinan Station to Jiaomen Station (42min, Every 5 minutes)

4. Walk from Jiaomen Station to Jiaomen DITieZhan bus stop for less than 1min

5. Take the bus Nansha G4 Line from Jiaomen DiTieZhan to HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan (14min)

6. Walk 6 min, approx 400 meters from HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan to the Haili Garden Hotel


  • By Taxi (around 1h 23min, 94km)

One-Way: CNY 280-340 or USD 40-50